Quinta da Abelenda | Kanufahren in Portugal Auf dem Fluss Mondego

Quinta da Abelenda
Am Fluss Dão / Ecopista do Dão

Kanufahren in Portugal

Canoeing in Portugal
Downstream the river Mondego

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Canoeing in Portugal

Kayak-tours adapted for everyone
Between Penacova and Coimbra

- Starting point: Penacova, 25 km from Quinta da Abelenda.

- Every day

The combination of the natural beauty of the Mondego valley – with its cliffs, forests and river beaches – with an excellent and yearlong stable water level made the Mondego the preferred river for canoeing and kayaking in Portugal.

Canoeing downstream from Penacova to Coimbra
Back to Penacova by ornanized transport

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing day on the river and observe the majestic prey-birds, the king-fishers and a great variety of river fish.
There are trips adapted to everyone!

Oganized by: O Pioneiro do Mondego

More information: O Pioneiro do Mondego

Canoeing in PortugalEven for small children

If one feels at ease in the water and the child is accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility, age doesn’t matter to do the canoe-trip on the Mondego.
There are life jackets for everyone, even for the little ones. There are special seats to put in the middle of the parents in a double boat.
And there are special discounts for children and youth.
Take the sun exposure into consideration, however.

Canoeing in Portugal on the river Mondego

Canoeing in Portugal



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Kanufahren in Portugal
Auf dem Fluss Mondego