Quinta da Abelenda | Santa Comba Dão, Portugal, a historical town at the lake of Aguieira / river Dão

Quinta da Abelenda
By the Ecopista do Dão

Santa Comba Dão
10 min. from Abelenda

Santa Comba Dão, Portugal
Historical town by the side of the river Dão

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Santa Comba Dão

Santa Comba Dão

Santa Comba Dão
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In the historic town of Santa Comba Dão the visitor can admire religiously conserved treasures of a passed more or less distant. Though with forms and stiles of different ages and times, it has the Baroque as its most marking period.

From this natural belvedere there are several beautiful views, which turn this tranquil town into a place well worth exploring.

The Bairro Alto (high quarter), with its curving alleys, its charming traditional patios and its streets with suggestive names, has a mediaeval atmosphere.

Santa Comba Dão - Largo do Rossio

Santa Comba Dão, Largo de Rossio

Santa Comba Dão, church

The square Largo do Rossio, in the lower part of the town, is one of the most picturesque places. On the one hand the pomp and circumstance of the harmonious and elegant houses of the nobility, in contrast with the attractive popular houses on the other hand.

Other places to visit in Santa Comba Dão

The Casa dos Arcos, with its elegant façade, verandas and arches, the presbytery, with its magnificent renaissance façade, the 18th century church Igreja Matriz and the picturesque square of the town-hall Largo do Município, are the important visual attractions of the heart of the town.

Santa Comba Dão

The dam of AguieiraCanoeingFishing

The river Dão and the Aguieira Lake

The river Dão sources in Portugal and runs for about 100 kilometres before emptying into the Mondego River, very near to Santa Comba Dão and Quinta da Abelenda (about 6 km). Its granite-sloped valley is situated in the "Região Demarcada do Dão", where the famous Dão wines are produced.

In 1981 the Aguieira dam was constructed in the Mondego river, just a few kilometres beyond the point where the river Dão empties into the Mondego, creating the artificial lake of Aguieira. The river Dão near Quinta do Rio Dão becomes a part of this lake. Its water level is not constant, depending on the annual rainfall and the use of water for irrigation, flood control and electrical power production.
Excelent for canoeing (motor boats are not allowed).


Fishing is allowed during the fishing-season and with a valid permit, which you can easily obtain during your stay here. Fishing is very popular here and there is plenty of fish to catch, such as carp, black bass, perch, boce and eel.

The river Dão, 2 km from Santa Comba Dão, 300 meters from Quinta da Abelenda

Information for guests of Quinta da Abelenda

Horse back riding
If you stay in Quinta da Abelenda, then Santa Comba Dão is the nearest town for all kind of shopping. It is only 10 minutes by car.
There are banks, a post office and all kind of small shops. The 3 larger supermarkets are open 7 days a week, until 9 pm.
There are severals restaurants, cafes and bars.

The train station of Santa Comba Dão is located between Quinta da Abelenda and Santa Comba Dao, only 1500 meters from Quinta da Abelenda. There are direct trains to Lisbon (250 km, two and a half hours).

At Quinta da Abelenda you can do horseback riding, canoeing and biking.

Ecopista do Dão



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Santa Comba Dão