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Foz d'Egua - Serra do Açor

Serra do Açor and the authentic schist village of Piodão

Serra do Açor

The Serra do Açor

The beautiful mountains of the Serra do Açor are located west from the vast area of the Serra da Estrela.
In contrast with this highest chain of mountains of Portugal, that consists principally of granite, schist is the characteristic stone of the Serra do Açor. Schist was the basic building material for the picturesque houses of the many, formerly isolated villages and hamlets.
The barbarous vegetation is rich in majestic chestnut-trees, oak, pine, eucalyptus and some olive trees. Amongst the shrubs, heather, rosemary, yellow-flowered broom and furze, stand out. There is an abundance of water from streams that spring from the mountains.

Piódão, authentic schist village in Portugal

Piódão, authentic schist village in Portugal

Piódão is without doubt one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal. It is classified as a Public Interest Monument, set forth in 1978, therefore benefiting of some protection. But only after its integration in the project of Historical Villages of Portugal, did Piodão see its urbanization ensemble safeguarded.

Being in the scope of that program all the houses in cement and tile roofing, are being converted in schist walls and roofs of slate. This project is now finished, so one can appreciate the architectonic richness of Piodão, and its reference as a heritage to preserve.

The blue of Piódão

The blue of Piódão

No one knows for certain the reason why the windows and doors are painted blue. This is one of the mysteries still to solve, but the most recognized explanation is the isolation of the village and the arrival of a pail of blue paint. Having no choice, the blue was imposed upon and is actually an integrant part of the architectonic ensemble for the village of Piódão.

Walking in the Serra do Açor

Walking in the Serra do Açor

Piódão - Foz d'Égua - Chãs d'Égua

The journey presented connects the village of Piodão to two places of parish, these are Foz de Égua and Chãs de Égua. It is a route with a slope not too accentuated, with one or two exceptions.
Some of the abandoned houses that cross our path are testimony of the pasturing activities which were often caprine or ovine. In the clearing you can catch sight of the beehives, testimony of the bee-keeping activity, still with some countenance in the region.

Piódão - Foz d'Égua - Chãs d'Égua


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