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Abelenda Bike Rental at the Ecopista do Dão


Prices Bicycles per Day

€ 12,50Standard Bike per day*
€ 17,50Mountain Bike per day*
€ 10Child Bike per day*
€ 25Tandem (price for 2 persons) per day*
€ 10Dog trailer per day*
€ 10Child trailer per day*
€ 5Child seat per day*
€ 3Helmet (option)
€ 1Gel seat cover (option)
To guarantee the availability of our bicycles, it’s essential to book in advance.

* Per day = any time between 9.00h and 18.00h (closed on wednesdays).
Insurance included.
All our bikes are equipped with a spare inner tube, tyre levers, a pump and a multi tool. Most standard bicycles have a luggage carrier.
We are registered at the RNAAT
(Tourism Portugal), under number 61/2022

Prices Transfer Ecopista

€ 31,5010.00h Transfer Viseu
47 km cycling
Minimum 2 persons.
€ 33,0017.00h Transfer Viseu
47 km cycling
Minimum 4 persons.
€ 31,5012.00h Transfer Farminhão
30 km cycling
Minimum 2 persons.
All prices are per person, bicycle and transfer included.
To guarantee the availability of our bicycles, it’s essential to book in advance.
For detailed information see our Ecopista Transfer Page

Payment Details

Bank transfer
MBWay (Portuguese payment app)
It is not possible to pay with a bank card or credit card.
Payment can be made after the confirmation of your booking, or on the spot when you receive your bicycle (except for bookings over 200 €).


Cancellation in case of bad weather: free of charge.
Other reasons: up to 24 hours before the reservation: free of charge.
No cancellation is possible within 24 hours before the reservation and the costs will be charged.

Rental Conditions

You may be asked to show an identification document at the beginning of the rental period.
You may be asked to leave a valid identification document during the rental period.
The rented bicycle is to be used exclusively on the Ecopista do Dão.
Transport of the rented bicycle is provided by Abelenda Bike Rental.
Transporting the rented bicycle with your own transport is not permitted.
You agree to return the equipment in the same condition as when received, and to reimburse damaged parts of the bicycles or lost or stolen bicycles.
Regardless of the party at fault, customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to said equipment.
We strongly recommend the use of helmets whenever mounted on a bicycle. In case of an accident Abelenda Bike Rental can not be responsible for injuries caused by not wearing a helmet.
Renters follow any itinerary at their own risk and agree not to hold Abelenda Bike Rental responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents.


Telephone 9.00h-18.00h:
(Closed on Wednesdays)
+351 - 963444663
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Telephone 9.00h - 18.00h: +351 - 963444663

WhatsApp: WhatsApp Message
(Closed on Wednesdays)

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