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Quinta da Abelenda
By the Ecopista do Dão

Horse riding Portugal

Horseback riding in Portugal
Outdoors rides in beautiful landscapes

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Horseback riding in central Portugal

Horse riding in Portugal
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The horses of
Quinta da Abelenda

We care for our horses in the most natural way possible. The three of them are outside all day and night, grazing, eating hay or having a rest and enjoying each other’s company. It's a pleasant and peaceful sight. To stop the weeds from growing too much in winter and spring and to give the horses something extra to nibble, we sometimes let them out of the big pasture into the rest of the “quinta”. All three of the horses are of the “Cruzado Português” breed, that is a hybrid of Portuguese races.

At the moment we don't have young horses and therefore Quinta da Abelenda can not provide horse riding on a regular base. Nevertheless there are other possibilities in the area. We work together with Quinta da Alegria - Portugal by Horse.

Outdoor horse riding tours in Quinta da Alegria

25 min. by car from Quinta da Abelenda

horse riding portugal
Quinta da Alegria - Portugal by Horse, is located in Midões, 25 minutes by car from our Quinta.

The area of Quinta da Alegria is ideal for trail riding. In just an hour's ride at a walking pace you will already enjoy beautiful and varied landscapes, with nice views, across farm fields and into the woods around the “quinta”.

With the better riders they can ride a little faster or longer and show even more of the area.

More information about Quinta da Alegria:

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Our horses

Our horses





Piquet was born in 1985 and came to the quinta in 2006. He used to be a coach horse in Sintra. Although he is getting a little older he is still dominant to the other horses.

Pombal moved to the quinta in 2008. We do not know exactly when he was born, but Pombal is probably from about 1990.

Estrela is a mare that came to live with us at the end of 2011. She was born in 1991 and had lived alone her whole life, so she is very happy with the company of the other horses. She has always been treated well, so she is very kind to people.

horse riding nesr the river Dão



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Horseback Riding in central Portugal