Quinta da Abelenda | Micro Hydro Power & Solar Power in Portugal

Quinta da Abelenda
By the Ecopista do Dão

Alternative Energy

Small Scale Micro Hydro and Solar Power
Quinta da Abelenda - Central Portugal

Powerspout Portugal

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Micro Hydro & Solar Power in Quinta da Abelenda

Thanks to a small stream and a lot of sunny days here in Portugal, we are energy self suficient.
Although the stream is very small, with a vertical drop of 17 meters and a flow less then 10 liters per second, it is good enough to get a very small turbine working.

This Turgo-Powerspout turbine produces up to 12 kWh per day in normal winter. In summer, the stream dries out, but our 9 photovoltaic solar modules charg the batteries more than enough.
An inverter transforms the 48V DC battery current to a normal 230V AC current.

Always Happy!

So we are happy when the sun shines and happy when it rains. Always energy coming in!

Explication, information

For those interested in micro hydro power and photovoltaic solar modules, we will be happy to show you the installation and give some explication.

The micro hydro turbine is a Turgo Powerspout. Detailed information can be found on the Powerspout website.

At this moment the main house and the Quinta itself runs on micro-hydro and solar power. We will extend the installation with more Powerspouts (in a second stream) and solar panels, so we can connect the 2 cottages for guests as well. At this moment the guests-cottages are still connected to the grid.




Small Scale Micro Hydro and Solar Power
Quinta da Abelenda - Central Portugal