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Quinta da Abelenda
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Other Cycling Tours in Central Portugal
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Three circular bike rides in central Portugal

Quinta da Abelenda has elaborated three beautiful circular cycle routes in this part of Portugal.
The Ecopista do Dão is always part of the routes, but only for a few miles.

You will cycle on country roads with very little traffic, passing little hamlets and villages, wineries, woods and rivers, and you will cycle on unpaved roads as well through beautiful landscapes.
An excellent way to explore the country.


While cycling on the Ecopista is very easy, these three bike rides are more difficult, because you have to go up and down several times, sometimes on unpaved roads.
But it's definitely worth it.
We recommend a good bike, preferably a mountain bike and a helmet.

Description of the bike tours

Quinta da Abelenda has detailed descriptions of the bike rides.

Bike Tour "Two Rivers"

Senhora da Ribeira

This tour starts and ends at Km 47 of the Ecopista, at Quinta da Abelenda and near Santa Comba Dão. From the river Dão to the river Mondego, passing some stannic villages with old granite buildings. The most beautiful part is an unpaved road, following for several kilometers the river Mondego. A very special track.

Bike Tour "Caramulo"

Rivir Criz

First cycle over the Ecopista to the former station of Tonda. There you leave the Ecopista and cycle in direction of the river Criz, passing some villages and vineyards. Continue on a dirt road towards the mountains of the Caramulo, a very nice track. You do not go into the mountains, but remains in the valley just before. Through a number of villages north of the city of Tondela you will be back on the Ecopista do Dão, now at the former station of Sabugosa.

Bike Tour "Springs of Sangemil"

Near Carregal do Sal
You will cycle between the rivers Dão and Mondego, passing ancient dolmens, the historic village of Cabanas de Viriato and the spa resort of Sangemil. Near Santa Ovaia you are back on the Ecopista do Dão.

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Other Cycling Tours in Central Portugal
Starting and ending at the Ecopista do Dão